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· Tuition is established for a 10 month school year, regardless of the number of classes per month.

· Payments should be made in 10 monthly payments due on the first of each month (Sept.-June) or can be made in one lump sum at the beginning of the year.

· A $10 late fee will be assessed if payments are not in by the 6th of the month. 


· Accounts MUST have a zero balance before the student may participate in the recital.


· A $10.00 discount will be applied to tuition for each additional family member in the same household.


Missed Classes, Class Cancelation & Inclement Weather

· Tuition is paid by the month and is not prorated or refunded for absences.

· When conditions are beyond our control, we reserve the right to cancel classes.

·  Please look over our list of Holidays & Days off on our calendar.

· We will follow the Battle Ground South End School District closures for inclement weather.

· Make-up classes can be taken at anytime, must call before hand to reserve a spot. See the class schedule to check on alternate times that your grade level is offering classes.

Arrival & Departure

· Arrive 10 minutes early to get ready for class. Please wear a cover up going to and from classes in the parking lot. Students will wait outside the classroom until the instructor invites them in.

. Arrive 10 minutes early to pick up your students. Please do not stop or park in front of the door of the studio, as this causes a backup of traffic. If your student is in the Lower School, do not drop them off in the parking lot or leave them unattended in the waiting room, as you are responsible for your child until the instructor takes them into class. At pick up time, please do not wait in your car for your child to come out to you.

· We expect all students to be prompt and on-time for class.

· Students who are more than 10 minutes late should stand quietly at the door and wait for the instructor to invite them in.

· Students who are more than 20 minutes late may be asked to watch the class if the instructor feels they have missed too many warmup exercises.

· Do not interrupt class to give an explanation or reason for tardiness.  If the instructor needs to know, she will contact you or the student at the appropriate time.​

. Parents consecutively (more than once) 10 or more minutes late when there is no class proceeding their dancers class, leaving the teacher waiting, will be shared a $10 inconvenience fee. 

Class Etiquette

· Do not enter the classroom without the instructor’s permission.

· No talking or horseplay during class.

· No arguing with the instructor or complaining about class work, as a negative attitude affects the whole class. This applies to conversations outside of the classroom as well.

· Show respect towards instructors and peers.

· Show an eagerness and readiness to learn.

· Show readiness to be a help and encouragement to peers inside and outside of  the classroom.

· No food, drinks, or gum is permitted. Water bottles may be left outside the studio room, as the instructor will give the class periodic water breaks.

· Follow dress and hair guidelines.

Studio Etiquette

· Do not interrupt class, as interruptions interfere with the training of the students.

· Only staff and students are allowed in the class during class time (unless it is observation week or it has been previously arranged with the instructor).

. Only staff allowed in studio rooms during non class times 

· No running, horseplay, or excessive noise in the waiting room.

· Please clean-up any toys, books, or trash left in the waiting room.

· Please clean-up any mess made in the bathroom by you or your children.

· Children may not be left unattended in the parking lot.

· Keep food to a minimum.

· No street shoes in the classroom (this applies to parents, students, and non-students).

· Please do not post anything on the bulletin boards without the instructor’s permission.

Parent/Instructor/Director Conferences

· If you have questions or concerns about your child’s class or progress, please feel free to call the school owner to arrange a meeting by appointment.

· For the privacy of your student and the instructor, and to better facilitate communication, please do not discuss matters with the instructor before, during, or after a class.

. A Communication Slip may be sent home with your dancer to better communicate in class behavior.

Student Evaluations

· All Upper School Classes and Lower School 3 & 4  will be evaluated by the Joy of Dance Instructors & Directors during the months of May and June every year.

· Evaluations will notify the students of their placement in the subsequent year. It is not unusual for a student to benefit from staying in one level for more than a year.

· Evaluation results are a private matter.  Discretion should be exercised when discussing results with other parents or students.

· Evaluation results are usually mailed or given out at the end of the term.

. We ask that parents respect the final decision of our Instructors & Directors. If there are any questions about your dancers placement, please do not discuss it with her instructor. Questions may be asked to the school directors. 

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