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· Please wear a cover-up that covers both top and bottom and shoes when entering and exiting the studio premises.

· Please wear clean dancewear and deodorant.

· No jewelry (or watches), except small earrings, are allowed in class.

· Please label all dancewear with your name or initials.

· Upper School: Ballet skirts (no skorts) and tight ballet shorts (no running shorts) may be worn during class. Different colors & patterns allowed but please NO neon. Nothing bulky. Warmups may be worn for plies but must be removed afterwards (as the weather cools down, form fitting warmups may be allowed past plies). Instructors reserve the right to tell a student if their skirt, shorts, or warmups are not appropriate to wear during class.

· Lower School: Dance sweaters and and detached dance skirts or spandex shorts are allowed but no heavy coats. No tutus


· Neat bun secured with plenty of bobby pins. (Only one bun please, no double buns)

· Hairnets are recommended but not required.

· Bangs must be pinned or sprayed back. No wispies.

· Hair that is too short for a bun must be clipped back or put into a ponytail.


· Students must wear the appropriate color leotard assigned for their class level. Upper School Grades 1-2 always in uniform. Upper School Grades 3-6  can wear different color leo for Thursday & Friday class.

· Please choose a modest style leotard. Leotards with a see-through panel in the front need to wear a skin colored leotard underneath. 

If the school directors feel that the student’s modesty is being compromised, they will contact the student’s parent.


· Tights to be worn over feet.

· Tights to be worn under leotard.

· No shimmery colored tights.

· No footless tights, or stirrup tights

· No non-dancewear tights.

· Replace tights that are damaged or are too small as soon as possible.


· Ballet shoes may not be worn outside the building.

· Pointe shoes that are “dead” may not be worn and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Where can I find my dance attire?


· We will offer a selection of leotards, tights, and shoes for sale in studio for our Lower School Dancers

· Discount Dance:

Please use our studio/teacher code (TP 142396) when buying through Discount Dance, this gives Joy of Dance rewards we are able to use for studio purchases.  

· Portland Dancewear:

· The Leotard: 2432 NE Martin Luther King Blvd. Portland, OR 97212


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